Library Club

Contact: Jenny Harrison 229-307-1739 Email

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Purpose: To promote reading and learning through an exchange of ideas and involvement among student patrons and the library media center staff, school and the community. The goal of the Cairo High School Book Club is to encourage reading by providing a safe environment where literary discussion can take place in a respectful manner. 

Meeting date / time: Club B, 4th Tuesday of each month

School/Nation: Teen Read Week, National Library Week
Community: Pennies for Patients; FERST Foundation Contribution; DFACS Foster Children Christmas Gift Contribution

Dues: $10.00 to fund club projects

Fund raiser: "No Tricks, Just Treats" Bake Sale - held the week of Halloween in the media center

Book Club members are responsible for reading one book each semester. All books are previewed and selected by the Library Media Specialist. Although student input is encouraged, the Media Specialist has final say on book selections. During the meetings, the Media Specialist provides initial questions and directs and guides the discussion as needed. It is expected, however, that discussions are primarily student led.
Membership in Book Club is open to all Cairo High School students and faculty. New members can join throughout the year by contacting the Media Specialist.