Special Ed and Resource Assignments

Please click on the assignment by your teacher.

C. Hoskins - Hoskins Assignment Cover Sheet Packet #2.docx

T. Romans - COVID-19 Romans packet # 2.pdf

Ms. Foote – https://www.usatestprep.com/member-login

They already have their login for Ms. Foote, if not you may email her at k.foote@grady.k12.ga.us


Mrs. Burkes - https://deltamath.com/

Sign on

  1. Student email

Example – stu.j.burkes@grady.k12.ga.us

  1. Password – Last Name and student number (lunch number)

Example – Burkes1234

*password must have 4-digits, therefore if your student number is 3-digits, add a 0 to the front of the number (205 will be 0205).

Any questions email j.burkes@grady.k12.ga.us